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Welcome to "The Mundens" website which serves the villages of Little Munden, Great Munden, Dane End, Haultwick, Green End and Sacombe and the beautiful surrounding areas within East Hertfordshire, England.



This website is funded by Little Munden Parish Council and administered by a local resident. The website is dedicated to the requirements and information needs of the residents of "The Mundens".
If you have any suggestions for improvements or additions to the site or if there is any local event, news, service or business that you would like included or advertised on the website then email the webmaster, in good time, using the link below. If appropriate it will be added to the site.
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------At a glance------

Election of Little Munden Parish Councillor
The nominations for the vacant seat on the Little Munden Parish Council can be seen here.
The election will take place on 13th July 2017.

Memorial Hall Booking Secretary Appointed
David Hart, tel 01920 438976, has been appointed as Booking Secretary for the Dane End Memorial Hall.

The Boot public house - Boot News
Click Boot News for the latest events at The Boot.

News from East Herts Council
From 27th April East Herts have introduced new littering fines. To read about these new anti-littering measures click here.