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Welcome to "The Mundens" website which serves the villages of Little Munden, Dane End, Haultwick, Green End and Sacombe and the beautiful surrounding areas within East Hertfordshire, England.



This website is funded by Little Munden Parish Council and administered by a local resident. The website is dedicated to the requirements and information needs of the residents of "The Mundens".
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------At a glance------

Redevelopment of Home Farm
King & Company, the development company and property consultancy is holding a Public Consultation on the Redevelopment of Home Farm at the Memorial Hall, Dane End on 25th June 2018 at 7pm.
This could affect all residents of Dane End, so come along and find out more about this proposed evelopment.

Community Newsletter from East Herts Council
To read the Community Newsletter for June 21, click here.
To read the Community Newsletter for June 14, click here.
To read the Community Newsletter for June 7, click here.

LMPC Annual Governance and Accountability Return
Little Munden Parish Council has completed its Annual Governance and Accountability Return for 2017/18. The return can be read here or from the Parish Council reports page.

Dane End Neighbourhood Planning
A public meeting to discuss Neighbourhood Planning for Dane End was held at Little Munden Memorial Hall on 26th April 2018.
The report on this meeting can be read here.
There is important information about Neighbourhood Planning within the report that should be of interest to all Dane End residents.
The Report is also available on the Little Munden Parish Council Reports Page of this website.